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While summer fireworks are ubiquitous in Japan, especially in Tokyo, there is a hidden gem in the calendar every October. As Halloween season approaches, cities across Japan are turning and shopping malls are playing eerie tunes over speakers as people shop.

Kawasaki Station is located on the K6 Kawasaki line, which is connected to the Nambu line in Kisarazu (which runs along Tokyo Bay). In addition to the Shin - Kawaki isbebe Musashi - Kosugi station, opened in March 2010, offering transfers to and from Kawazaki - with connection to Namba Line. Keikyu Kaw Osaka Station is also the terminus of the short KeIKyu Daishi line that runs from Kojimashinden to Kawashi Daishishi (take this train for a short ride to Kawatsu Daashi Temple). The K 6 Kawasi Line is also connected by the shorter K-Kashiwazaki Line and the longer K-Kaiwaki Line, which runs from Kisarsu to Tokyo Bay.

If you want to see the annual Safe Birth and Sexual Safety Festival, you can head to Kawasaki Daishi Station. Haneda Airport in Kawaki is also just a short distance away and can be reached quickly. Take the K - Kashiwazaki Line from Kojimashinden (take this train for a short ride to Keikyu Kaw Osaka Station) or get off at KeIKyu Daishishi Station (just outside the station) and change to Nambu Line (from Kisarazu Station).

With 6 minutes (Y = 220) the journey from Yokohama to Keikyu is approximately on the same level as the Tokaido line. Get on a fast train from Narita Airport And it will take you directly to the city of Kawasaki. Take Yamanote from Shinagawa and then the Tokaidai line and you will reach the station in less than 5 minutes, approximately at the same time as the Y - Kashiwazaki line from Kojimashinden. Kawaki Station is just a short walk from Haneda Airport, just outside the city centre.

JR Kawasaki Station is also connected to the city's more focused shopping center, Kawaki Shibuya Shopping Center. With over 300 stores in the mall, it is one of Japan's most popular shopping centers, along with other brands that have been popular with visitors from outside Japan.

The shopping center also has many restaurants and of course it is a paradise for those who want a quick meal in one of the many restaurants and bars in the Kawasaki Shibuya Shopping Center.

Places to choose from include Kawasaki Shibuya Shopping Center, Tokyo International Airport and Kansai Convention Center. Most hotels are located near the east exit of Kawaki Station, and there are hotels in the area as well as in other parts of Tokyo such as the Ginza area.

The Seibu department store is next to Nikko Hotel and offers a variety of shops, restaurants, cafés and restaurants, as well as a range of restaurants. Other places to visit include the Kawasaki Shibuya Shopping Center (there is a free museum there that is fun for kids) and the Lazona Kawaki Plaza Shopping Center, which houses a branch of the Bic Camera. If you are ready to walk from the east exit of JR Kawazaki Station, there are other places for you to look around. The west exit leads to the Kansai Convention Center, Tokyo International Airport and the Japan Railway Museum.

The Anata warehouse, which is only a few minutes walk from JR Kawasaki Station, is different from the themed arcade. It is small and a bit posher than LaZona, but it is 5 minutes outside the station. North of La Cittadella is the Kawaki Shibuya Shopping Center, a shopping center with a variety of shops and restaurants. There are a number of restaurants and bars in the area, such as La Zona and Bic Camera, and there is even a grill restaurant at Kansai Convention Center and Tokyo International Airport, as well as a café.

Taro Okamoto was born in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, and is an internationally renowned avant-garde artist best known for the "Tower of the Sun" statue in the Osaka Expo Memorial Park and the towering murals in Shibuya Mark City and the Inokashira Line. The museum celebrates the life and work of this venerated artist, who was born in Tokyo.

Kawasaki Daishi Temple was built in the 18th century as part of Shingon Buddhism brought to Japan by Kobo Daishi. KawasakiDaishi is the largest Buddhist temple in Japan, with more statues than you can shake a stick at. On weekdays, you can imagine a day trip to one of Japan's most famous temples.

Willer Express operates night buses from the Umeda Sky Building in Hirakata, Osaka, which is operated by Willer Express. There is Keikyu Kawasaki Station, which handles trains to and from Tokyo, Fukuoka and Osaka, as well as other major cities in Japan. The Kawaki warehouse is located in the heart of the numerous shopping malls surrounding the railway junction.

More About Kawasaki

More About Kawasaki